Display informative scrolling messages in your reception areas along with Live Freeview TV, company videos, slideshows and animated graphics on your own corporate information display screens
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From a single marketing screen to multiple display screens spread across your company's sites, keeping scrolling text, image slideshows and video playlists up to date is a simple click away

So, deliver everything

Enjoy your very own in-house communication channel that simply looks after itself, yet can be updated by staff at a stroke.

Emit8 has been designed to be a comprehensive user-friendly adaptable system. So, whether you want one individual to be able to make changes for multiple screens in multiple sites. Or, a collaboration team targeting purpose-siloed screen groups across your own munti-branded business interests, the day-to-day running couldn't be simpler.
You will have the versatility and flexibility to allow chosen staff to update all or part of your screens at any time and your displays can even be pre -set to switch themselves on and off to suit your business hours. So, staff working at the screen location don't need to touch a thing.
Have offline network updateable digital marketing displays in all your remote sites
Engage with your visitors and customers and keep them right up to date with all of your very latest information and promotions in all of your remote site or store locations.
Emit8 gives you the power to speak directly to your customers and staff in a fresh dynamic and visually exciting way.
It enables you to update any of your messages in real-time, alter the visual appearance of your screens as appropriate. This uplifting and vibrant approach ensures your physical customers are always exposed to the very latest information, promotions, company news and offers, helping them to feel that they are being treated as truly valued visitors by your fabulous forward looking business.
Centrally marketing to all of your offline locations has never been so easy. Deliver you latest collateral, campaigns and messages instantly with a click
Our aim is for the experience of deploying and using Emit8 to feel as easy, professional and fair as possible. So, what we deliver is designed in Windows based software, which you own outright from the start, which firmly secures your ongoing costs to a bare minimum.
Your Emit8 system will, very deliberately, operate entirely within your existing company network, thus ensuring your security and privacy, and it's carefully crafted to work happily with the hardware of your choice both now, and in the future.
By adopting this strikingly rare 'vendor independent' approach, your own company priorities, agenda and standards for absolutely everything from hardware and device integrity to what, who, when and where is fully in your command. It also means that your Emit8 system will happily embrace future technological advances in hardware standards and functionality. Providing you with a win-win situation, where what you are investing in is truly yours and where 'you' drive the agenda completely.
(This approach is pretty much unheard of in this field.)

No need for digital signage players or expensive networks or servers.
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No costly narrowcasting, netcatsing or multicasting, just great displays
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Embrace the power of modern social media type communication in your own distributed business site locations
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Value your visitors and inform the with live tv and scrolling text showing up to date information and promotions
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