Display informative scrolling messages in your reception areas along with Live Freeview TV, company videos, slideshows and animated graphics on your own corporate information display screens
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No need for Digital Signage players, narrowcasting, netcasting or multicasting, just load and go windows software.
Digital signage display screen software designed to sit happily on your own secure corporate business network and offer dynamic centrally managed information completely internally.
Emit8 systems have been engineered from the ground up with our entire focus on functionality and ease of use. This refreshing approach deliberately avoids any commercial distraction within the design and so allows us to deliver genuine integrity and a far more functional platform for corporate use than other solutions.

Consequently we are confident that Emit8 will serve 'your agenda', making your Emit8 system stand head and shoulders above the rest.

Full pixel geometry and layering, like a web page means really powerful dynamic information message board screens are here to stay.
  • Layouts support layering and pixel by pixel geometry like a web page for full graphical branding and versatility rather than designs being restricted to pre-defined templates, boxes and straight lines.
  • All items can be scheduled for size position and even visibility, and most update individually, live, without disrupting other items on the screen.
  • Freeview TV can be scheduled for channel changes & volume or a Live Video Feed can display Satellite TV, CCTV, Games Console and alike, as and when you want.
  • You can insert and schedule your own video playlists. (Supports full HD and lots of formats including native DVD VOB)
  • HTML, DHTML (Server Side Scripting - Javascript, jQuery, PHP, HTML5 etc.) and RSS can be used to deliver versatile and even real-time graphical content.
  • Your own staff updateable scrolling text can be fully controlled for colour, font, spacing, speed direction and even be placed with transparency under and/or over other content.
  • Smart Slideshows allow an array of graphical images and messages to be cleanly cycled and kept right up to date with ease.
  • Separate individual alerts and messages can be targeted directly to screens with a simple free application or can be generated by your own data systems.
  • Bespoke DHTML panels can be used to dynamically display your own external real-time live data like current waiting times, KPI's or stats.
  • Full control of Players is provided within dashboard software allowing players to be to started and stopped, DVB channel scans to be made, schedules updated and full reconfiguration of anything.
  • For full flexibility, the dashboard software also allows 'projects' to be grouped and sets of players to be managed separately, so that you can easily have collections of screens displaying different things for different purposes.

  • Simple windows based digital signage dynamic screen software for your networks with no narowcasting, multicasting or heavy network traffic.
  • The overall solution very simply comprises of 3 main elements :-
            A Player application that loads onto a dedicated standard Windows PC for each Player.
            A Manager dashboard console application that loads onto the existing PC of the person in overall charge of the project. (Only used for techy changes)
            Our support to hand ensuring that everything is well.
  • For convenience, very simple free apps are available for delegated staff to directly look after individual items from their own desk.
  • All Emit8 software does not rely on any external connections. (Through us or any third party.)
            This not only protects your privacy and network integrity, but it also ensures that your initial
            investment works in the future just as it did on day one, irrespective of external services.
                Note, this approach is very rare in Digital Signage Displays.

  • At last, a digital display software solution that is sensibly designed to respect your network without the need for costly sql or ftp servers.
  • The Player software does not create any network traffic at all. This design not only protects your network bandwidth, but the fact that Players are autonomous and operate independently ensures their stability.
  • Updates to screens by staff using the applications usually produces far less traffic than an average e-mail. At other times, again, no traffic is generated.
  • Content like images and video is only sent once to the player and can also be scheduled for out of hours transfer to suit your needs. This also allows for native full resolution playback at the Player ensuring maximum display quality and eliminates buffering.
  • All communication between the Manager or updater apps and the Players adopt standard file and folder access methods and so do not use or require strange ports or protocols.
  • The solution does not require or rely on any centrally based server applications at all, EG. FTP or SQL.
  • Player software design allows for easy replication and deployment by either cloning/imaging a bench unit or by merely side loading a pre-set configuration.
  • Software licensing is managed by unit hardware stamp and service is provided for hardware failures and upgrades.
  • Most USB TV dongles and cards are supported.
  • Most live feed capture cards are supported to allow for external video input.
  • The whole system uses accessible plain-text control and management procedures, so nearly all aspects of communication with players can be bespoke integrated to existing data systems and your own I/O applications if you wish.

  • Minimum PC Spec.
            Windows 7 pro. (Most customers are now on Win 10)
            i5 or i7 2.8GHz. (Quad or Dual core)
            4GB Memory. (Suggested = 8-16GB)
            3Gb Hard Drive Space. (Or enough to hold your Video and Graphics content)
            Graphics capable of the desired output resolution.
            Connected display device capable of the desired display resolution.
            LAN connection. (GBit recommended. Can be WiFi. But needs to be stable.)
            If you will be using video file or TV Playback then VLC Media Player v2.2.3 should be loaded.
            For Freeview TV or a live video feed, an appropriate USB adapter or Capture Card will be required.
            (For Freeview, we currently reccomend Hauppauge WinTV HD Solo.)

  • Network digital signage displays without any online http gui interface taking you to the vendors servers.
    We aim to be as straightforward and helpful as possible, so please feel free to get in touch.

    Have great informative display screens on your on network for all your guests and visitors to enjoy
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    Emit8 delivers communication power to the elbow of Wales and West.
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