Display informative scrolling messages in your reception areas along with Live Freeview TV, company videos, slideshows and animated graphics on your own corporate information display screens
Free Online Emit8 Digital Display software demonstration

Cheap digital signage displays from a uk supplier without the ongoing costs or subscriptions
Best priced quality digital signage display software in the UK. You won't find us in the top 10, we are above that.
A One-off set-up cost. From £750
We will consult, advise and painstakingly assist you in all aspects of setting up your very own Emit8 system, so that you are completely up and running with maximum effect and a minimum of fuss.
This will include advising on all aspects of the project from talking to your IT people about hardware required and technical details, through to complete design and deployment planning/advice. Assisting your marketing staff or key business managers in the design your visual layout (or layouts), content integration, full configuration, all setup for ease of content updates and offering full remote training on the use of your live system for your key staff.

Your own Emit8 Dashboard application software will be supplied during set-up and a permenant license is included.
Cheap digital signage player from a uk supplier without the ongoing costs or subscriptions

At last, digital displays with live tv and scrolling text without any nasty cost surprises.
We will set-up and register each dedicated player PC used to display your finished presentations.
We remotely load the Emit8 system onto each of your player PC's and ensure that all of your project content is set-up and ready to go. We also remotely configure and register these players in your overall Emit8 system and add them to all updater apps accordingly, so that they are online and ready to go.

We charge a nominal £250 for each Player we set-up and this comprehensive service is accompanied by a full license for each player.

Theses licenses are a permanent, and are completely covered by the one-off cost of the set-up/registration service. So, re-deployments for hardware changes and alike are not charged for.
Future additional player registrations can be purchased for new sites, and we will be happy to set them all up for you and add them to your system as your business expands.

UK support for a really sensible choice for digital display information boards.
Our comprehensively supported solution offers three levels of Enhanced Support to suit your particular needs.

Emit8 Bronze Enhanced Support offers you reassurance and peace of mind
If you are looking for the reassurance of having help readily to hand, then our Bronze Support is for you.
It offers direct telephone and remote desktop support and our experienced staff are here to assist with refresh training, project design, project management and advice.
Emit8 Silver Enhanced Support delivers extended support for more involved and diverse digital display projects
For more involved and diverse projects involving multiple staff members, Silver Support is ideal.
It offers the added benefits of assisting several staff with in depth product training, help with remote updating of more involved content, player status spot checking and even access to 'proof-of-concept' product development.
Emit8 Gold Enhanced Support gives you your own digital information display system with all the support of an outsourced solution
Emit8 Gold Support extends way past standard product and software service to deliver a solution that offers you all the benefits of outsourcing while still giving you real ownership and control.
It's a truly bespoke Gold service that can be tailored to cover everything up to and including remote helpdesk and hardware hot-swap management.

Digital dynamic wallboards with live tv and scrolling text can be cheap to do.
Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

A free fully tailored trial works out much better that a digital signage free download link.
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Fantastic UK support on digital message boards.
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See an information screen in Wales and West Volvo depot, then it's an Emit8 Display Screen.
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