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Privacy policy

This is the privacy policy for the website www.emit8.co.uk and users who choose to visit it and use it.
The policy sets out the obligations & responsibilities for both the viewing user and ourselves. It covers the way data and information is processed and how it is used stored and protected.

The Website

We are keen to have a sensible approach towards the privacy of our website visitors. For this reason we proactively review and revise our methods, the technologies being used and regularly update this policy in a bid to maintain a high level of trust and integrity.

Why we avoid cookies

We 'only' deliver cookies in our customer login and contact pages to allow for a secure connection process, and even then we only use session-based cookies for that direct purpose and derive no further customer information from the cookie.
Otherwise, this website 'does not' deliver cookies.
The vast majority of sites claim that cookies are delivered to improve and customise the users' experience, where, in fact, most of the attributes of their cookie usage directly undermine the privacy interests of the user. For this reason, we have taken the bold step in deciding to forgo any marketing benefit of cookie delivery in the direct interests of customer privacy and to clarify that our approach is both honourable and taken seriously.

The Google Adwords conversion cookie

When a Google Adwords advertisement link is clicked a Google Adwords conversion cookie is delivered by default.
If somebody arrives at our site from such a link and then asks us to contact them using our contact page, we do receive information from Google Adwords giving us an indication of the advert that delivered them to our site and which of our keywords triggered that advert.
Further information on Google's use of Adwords conversion tracking cookies is available from the Google website.

External advertising links within our site

This website does not contain any sponsored links or external third party advertising links.

Links to other websites

We may in certain areas of our website have links to other websites. In these instances we try to make it clear that this is the case and will not mask these links. While we endeavour to ensure that these links are to reputable sites, we cannot be held responsible or liable for the conduct or content of any other sites.

Making contact and other communication

Users choosing to contact us through our website or directly may provide personal details requested at their own risk. Our website contact form, although not encrypted, is processed through reputable providers and your personal information is kept private and stored securely until a time it is no longer needed or has no use. We only use any information submitted to provide you with further information about our products or services and to assist you in answering any queries or questions that you may have asked. We do not enter your details into any newsletter databases. We may share some information with a third party in order to be able to directly answer your query, however, your details are not passed on to any third parties for any marketing purposes.

Communication through Social Media

Any communication that we make through external social media will be under the terms and conditions and privacy policy of the social media platform in question. This website may use sharing links to help the user to share directly from our web pages to a social media site. While we do not track any such behaviour, be aware that the social media provider in question might track this.

If you do find something we missed

We make every effort to ensure that your viewing experience is a pleasant one and that your privacy has been properly considered. However, if you do find anything that causes concern, please contact us, we would be pleased to look into it and are keen to maintain a high level of trust and integrity

Under the Data Protection Act you may request a copy of any personal information that we hold about you. An administrative fee will be chargeable for this service.    Emit8, 6 Meadowhead, Sheffield, South Yorkshire S6 7UD.
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